Recovering attorney, & former box-checker, people-pleaser and achievement junkie. 


Hi, I’m 




After climbing the corporate ladder, and earning the promotions, the titles and the partnerships, I still found my life as an attorney was lacking

Who was I to want for more? From all outward appearances, I had the perfect life: successful career, married to a handsome guy, beautiful home, vacation home, nice cars, incredible handbag collection.

out there for me.


there was something

While I was damn good at practicing law, I couldn’t shake the feeling that

live their most fulfilling life on their own terms.

In 2020, I launched the Act III programs, personal development and coaching courses for midlife women, giving them the mindset, tools, strategies and permission to create and

So I quit the law.

But at 45, I decided that working another 20 years in a career where I was profoundly unfulfilled was riskier than making a change.

I'd love to know more about you and how we can work together to make midlife your best life! 

I’m a pretty decent cook who loves entertaining, a mid-pack runner who’s completed ten marathons, one half-Ironman and the 29029 Everesting endurance challenge, and a mediocre tennis player with a killer forehand but a very inconsistent serve. I love traveling to Europe and lying in the sun on a tropical beach, snow skiing in Sun Valley, and I have mad love for red wine, ice cream and all.the.carbs.

I am lucky to live in Boise with my husband Mike and our adorable four-legged boy Theo. I work in commercial real estate brokerage, helping individuals and companies find the perfect space to grow and succeed in their businesses. 



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Luxury weekends away with the perfect mix of group coaching and planned down-time for the life reset you never knew you needed.

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When you’re ready to make massive change now, ndividualized coaching to get you where you want to be quicker.


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Live and pre-recorded group coaching courses, allowing you to work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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