You are not defined by the roles you’ve always played in the lives of everyone around you - this time, it's about you.

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I believe that you are not defined by the roles you’ve always played in the lives of everyone around you: mom, wife, daughter, sister, business owner, boss, manager, volunteer, philanthropist.

I know that you can be a “success” by every single measure and “living the dream” by all outward appearances, and have a strong desire for something more.

I trust that you’re finally ready to focus on yourself first, figure out what you want, and start living that way now.

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you’re not 


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Why? Because I finally realized that I didn’t like the practice of law, or the confrontational, combative and burned-out person I was becoming. The comfortable lifestyle, prestige and the big paycheck weren’t worth the trade-off of losing myself in the process. And the thought of working another 20-30 years in a role where I was more than a little unhappy and profoundly unfulfilled was too much to stand. So I quit.

I’m a recovering attorney, and former people-pleaser, box-checker and achievement junkie. After climbing the corporate ladder, and earning all the promotions and the big corner office, I left a wildly successful legal practice in my 40’s when I was on the verge of joining the partnership of a national law firm.



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I'm creating a movement; come with me!

To give other high-achieving midlife women who found themselves adrift and wanting more, the space to figure out what’s important to them and what it is they want in life, along with the tips and tactical tools to help them create their best life in midlife. No midlife crisis required.

That's why I created Act III Coaching.


“So many great take-aways from the group coaching sessions! The most important for me: thinking about what my life could look like. I’m focusing now on making sure I’m living the way I want to live. Not waiting until retirement or someday.”


“I can’t thank YOU enough for this course and guiding me (and others) through it. It has been difficult at times, but I know so worth it to define, refine and set the goals that I want to achieve to live the life I want to live. I am excited to set out on the path I have designed for myself!”

-Kristi, Educator, Mom, DIY’er

“Thank you for your coaching videos. While watching one, I made a decision to leave my current position and take another job offer. This is something I’ve wanted to do for over 15 years! I’m 49 this year and want to be in a place that makes me happy!” 

- Monica, Interior Design Professional

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